Photo of the week: Hungarian Dobos Torte

We were sitting near a large open door of a café in the castle area of Budapeset and I love the way the hard, caramel top layer of the Dobos torte catches the sunlight in this photograph. This post is dedicated to this Hungarian invention – a light, creamy, five-layer cake often simply called “Dobosh” named after its inventor József C. Dobos.

Think of Dobos torte as a five-layer club sandwich of simple sponge cake and chocolate buttercream  topped off with a hard outer coat of caramel. Its nicest feature is that it is not overwhelming sweet and the cream tastes rich and smooth. The cake was first made in 1884 and introduced to the public at the National General Exhibition of Budapest the following year.

József C. Dobos popularised his cake further by traveling through Europe and introducing it wherever he went. He is said to have kept the exact recipe secret until his retirement in 1906 after which it was finally revealed to the Budapest Confectioners’ and Gingerbread Makers Chamber of Industry, who were allowed to use it freely.

The place to eat a Dobos torte in Budapest today is at the spectacular confectionary house – Gerbeaud.

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