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Photo of the week: San Diego’s harbour seals

In the prosperous, coastal neighbourhood of La Jolla (pron. La Hoya) in sunny San Diego, a little alcove of beach called Children’s Pool Beach is a breeding ground for harbour seals. It’s a delight to watch these gentle mammals at such … Continue reading

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Photo of the week: Running into a brown bear near the loo

We were driving up the Sterling Highway from the town of Homer, at the tip of the Kenai Peninsula in south central Alaska and as always we pulled into a parking lot to use the public toilet. This time, we … Continue reading

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Photo of the week: Prague’s famous dead body

This hospital-like room, inside the Vitkov National Memorial in Prague, is part of communism’s hoary tradition of maintaining the cult of the leader. Klement Gottwald, leader of the Communist party of what was then Czechoslovakia, died in 1953 and his … Continue reading

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Photo of the week: Orange kulfi in Kolkata

How quickly I return to food! This week’s picture is an orange kulfi that is sold opposite Vardhaan market on Camac Street in Kolkata in India. Kulfi is like South Asian gelato or ice-cream except that it is much more milky … Continue reading

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Photo of the week: No fuss shoe ‘shop’ in Bangkok

A short walk from the Democracy Monument in Bangkok, I came upon this dazzling array of shoes for sale, all haphazardly thrown across a simple plastic mat. Barefoot girls dashed about the tiny space like little bumping cars trying to … Continue reading

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